Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report Contact Information
Imagine there was a tool you can use to search all your web sites with one single search. Well, it is in front of you. We call it Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report

How it Works
   There are more and more public web sites available on the internet every day. This source of information is very useful for many professionals. Most likely you already found out it can be quite time consuming to look for the information especially when you need to check many different sites. And of course time is money.
   We came up with a system that can help you. We "train" our software to do the searching on any particular website. Our system is not invasive to the web servers in any way. It only emulates exactly what you would do if you were to go to each site individually. It types the name of the site, enters search criteria just like you would do. Don't you wish sometime a particular web site would have one more search criteria so you do not have to click through 10 pages to find your information? We can teach the Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report to do that for you and bring you the links to the information you need. Users have the option of making the Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report Search Engine a part of their company’s website. They can create their own front end and still have the power and viability available to their customers.
   Our system allows users to search name only or name and date of birth. It also has the ability to search using an approximate date of birth. This means that the system can be set to find the matches based on the year of birth only. It will also find any date of birth match within three years of the date or birth entered for the search. If a particular site does not store the date of birth the Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report search will still display a name match, but users are made aware that it was a match on name only.
   The information is gathered and displayed in a way that makes it easy for the end users to access all of the information that is available. It also gives users the link to the record as it is displayed on the actual court or other criminal information website.