Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report and more about it
Imagine there was a tool you can use to search all your web sites with one single search.
Well, it is in front of you. We call it Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report

Does Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report really give users access to "real-time" records?
Up until now, if you wanted the most current criminal history information that is available online, you would have to search each and every court site, dept of correction and sexual predator site that offers online records access. In Ohio alone that is close to 100 different websites. It could take hours to check just one person, with the Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report Search Engine it can be done in a matter of minutes. With our system, if the record is on one of the many websites, then the Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report Search Engine will find it.

What sites does the Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report Search Engine access? Users can choose to have the system search all of the available sites. These include all of the online Common Pleas and Municipal Courts in the state of Ohio, the Ohio Sexual Predator Website, the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Michigan Department of Corrections website. Users also have the option of picking and choosing which sites to search. Click here for a complete list of available sites.

Can the Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report Search Engine search for more than one name at a time? Once a search is initiated the user may start another search right away. They may also close their browser at anytime and come back to any search to view the results. Users may have as many searches as they want running in the background.

How do I sign up for the Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report Search Engine and get it installed? We simply assign an user ID and password and track how many searches each user does. At the end of every month the system automatically generates and sends out a detailed invoice via email to each user. As long as the user pays their invoice their account remains active. There is no setup fee or contract to sign forcing our users to continue using the system if they so choose not to. That is how confident we are that the Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report is the option when it comes to doing criminal history searches. The Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report software is actually an internet search engine, therefore there is no software to install. It can be accessed from any computer via the internet. Allowing users to work from the office, home or on the road.