Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report It's Affordable
Imagine there was a tool you can use to search all your web sites with one single search.
Well, it is in front of you. We call it Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report

The Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report is by far the most affordable search tool available in the market today. Pricing is dependant upon volume and discounts are available for those who qualify.

Contact the Sales Department for a quote:

1(800)-935-6736 ext. 101

The system also stores all of the searches and results for each user. This allows users to retrieve their completed searches and results at anytime without incurring any additional costs.

As new websites become available we will be adding them to the Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report. Our users will automatically have access to search these new sites at no additional cost.

If you are accessing a web site that is not on our list and would like to include it in Ohio Real-Time Criminal Report. Call now and we will review the site. If it is a functioning criminal records site we will work to add to the product.